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Artful Leaders in Times of Transition, 3rd edition (webinar)

9.11.2021 klo 10:00-11:30

Artful Leaders in Times of Transition, 3rd edition
Date: 9 November 2021
Time: 10:00 – 11:30 am EET / Helsinki
Place: Zoom webinar

We are delighted to invite you to the 3rd edition of our virtual events series.

In this edition, we will explore strategies of tapping into our energy, mindfulness and resilience when faced with a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. Together, we will discover ways of coping with and thriving in an ever-changing environment.

To fully enjoy the event, prepare a cup of your favourite tea in advance. We will start with a short tea ceremony.

Warmly welcome!


Guest speakers and panelists

Nanna Hänninen
Photographer, CEO of Neemo Ltd.
Nanna will facilitate a live workshop to provide us with deeper perspectives on the societal discussion about VUCA and our own resilience. In the workshop, we utilize Nanna’s conceptual photography, which reflects e.g. understanding the world from the perspective of the individual and the community, and e.g. climate change, disinformation and being human. In our discussion, we harness the potential of art as a discussion tool.
Nanna has a career of over 20 years as a photographic artist. She studied at the Lahti Institute of Design, at the Zurich University of the Arts, and she got her Master’s Degree from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki (Aalto University). Her works are present in art collections both domestically and internationally. With her expertise as an artist, she developed a team coaching and facilitation method based on photographic art and photography, NeemoTM Method.

Jenni Lukander
President, Nokia Technologies

Jenni will participate as a panelist in the live VUCA workshop facilitated by Nanna Hänninen.

An experienced leader of commercial, technical and legal organizations, Jenni is responsible for managing and monetizing Nokia’s industry-leading patent portfolio of over 20,000 patent families, generating an annual revenue of €1.4 billion (2020), and advises the other Nokia business groups on their IP strategy. Prior to moving to a business role, she held a number of senior legal and executive positions, including leading litigation, competition law, data privacy and trade compliance. Before joining Nokia, Jenni was a senior associate at Roschier, a leading law firm in Helsinki, Finland, where she specialized in competition law. She holds a law master’s (LL.M) from the University of Helsinki and speaks Finnish, Swedish, English and German.

Lotta Vuoristo, PhD
Head of Culture Journey, KONE

Lotta will participate as a panelist in the live VUCA workshop facilitated by Nanna Hänninen.

Lotta has 20 years of experience in international business and management roles across various industries. As a NeuroLeadershipCoach and behavioral scientist she has trained over 2,000 global leaders and managers on developing their change leadership skills. Lotta highlights the importance of emotional intelligence and motivation at work in order to nurture a healthy company culture. Before joining KONE, Lotta had a long career at Nissan Nordic Europe.

Kati Ihamäki
Vice President Corporate Responsibility, OP Financial Group

Kati will participate as a panelist in the live VUCA workshop facilitated by Nanna Hänninen.

Kati is a sustainable development professional. Sustainability goals at all levels – corporate, 3rd sector, individual – are important to Kati and she is a strong believer that we need all players onboard in order to achieve a better planet socially and ecologically. In addition to her work at OP, she is a board member of St1 Nordic, HJK, the Children and Youth Foundation, and the Vice Chair of the Responsibility Board at the Central Chamber of Commerce. Before joining OP, Kati had a long career at Finnair, where she also contributed to corporate responsibility work for industry associations.

Mariko Yoshida
Researcher, MA in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA), Aalto University
Mariko will speak about the correlation between emotion and sensory experience in our journey to enhance our well-being. She will run a tea ceremony to help participants embody this journey in a personal way. The experience will provide us with ways to open up our senses and enrich our creativity.

Following her BA in international economics, Mariko worked at Air Aroma Japan, a scent marketing company and engaged in distributor sales and scent workshops for five years. She was also a research assistant for the KANSEI Projects Committee, a research group that visualizes the human senses to create multisensory experiences. Her research theme at Aalto University focuses on creating corporate training programs that enhance creativity, wellbeing, and team-building through art and multisensory experiences.

This event is the 3rd in a series, brought to you by the Artful Leaders’ Club, a network that promotes access to insights, dialogue and best practices that are both relevant and timely for forward-thinking and daring leaders. The network is supported and facilitated by Co-founders.






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